Many friends contributed to this website.
I am pleasured to acknowledge:

Daniela Guerra and Sandro Cavicchi that, by their astonishment, let me have an idea
Giovanni Achille, that encouraged me to make up this site
Tommaso Menichetti, who let me read his composition about the Square
Flavio Menichetti, who lent me the rare book "Il ciclo pittorico di Piazza Betlemme"
Alessandra Argnani, for the logo "The Deceptive Square"
Enzo Rondelli, that let me know the way to find the book "Il Paese degli Inganni"
The Feltrinelli Bookshop, that got it
Beppe Trevisi, for the suggestions about HTML programming
Roberto Forni, for the technical assistance
Gaby Turek, for assistance in correcting American translation of texts
...and many others


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