The Deceptive Square
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In an ordinary, run-of-the-mill town in the Low Lands near Bologna....
Ordinary and run-of-the-mill because you can find all the expected things you can imagine: the church painted in a fake pinkish-red bolognese colour, the main street going straight through the two ancient gates, the smell of the sugar factory, the giant flies, in the summer such heat that, coming out from your home, you feel like you're stepping into a steam bath, in the winter a fog so heavy you can't see anything...
As I was saying, in such a town, if you guess the right street POOF! suddenly you are in front of something really "strange".
A strange, "magic" square, set up by the paint-brush and the skill of Gino Pellegrini.
As Elena, 6 years old, says "I like this little square because it is strange", and it is, really! It could seem like a Stargate opened on a dream world.

The Spring Cabbage The Garlics The Cauliflower The Plaque The Tree The Owl The Beans The Shelf The Peppers The Tennis Shoes
The Tree The Owl The Beans The Flower The Goose The Peacock The Frog The Shirt The Chicks Cesare Zavattini The Donkey The Cat The Horse

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