Where is it?



From fare away you can already see the spire of the bell tower of S. Giovanni Persiceto. At the night it is lit like a tower of a trade center.
If you are not able to see it, "Where is the piazza?" is usually an efficacious question.
When you will get Piazza del Popolo, the real navel of San Giovanni Persiceto, walk down Corso Italia towards Garibaldi Town Gate (or Lower Gate, or Cento Gate, it depends from the memory and the feeling of people to whom you will ask for).
Few meters before the Gate, take at your right Via S. Apollinare, e please have a look to the S. Apollinare's Church, already being restored.
After half a yard at your right (please, walk slowly as you're entering in a fairy tale) you will get Via Betlemme or, better,


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