Gino Pellegrini


Gino Pellegrini


Gino Pellegrini was born at Lugo di Vicenza on August 13, 19.
In 1957 he moved to California to ultimate his studies at the Faculty of Architecture at the U.C.L.A. and obtained, at the Art Center School of Los Angeles, his Master Degree in Fine Arts.
After a beginning as poster designer for the Pacific Out-Doors Advertising, Pellegrini worked in the US Motion Picture industry, playing all different roles of the set design: sketch designer, set painter, set designer assistant, set designer.

Stage production in:
The Birds by A. Hitchcock
2001: A Space Odyssey
West Side Story
Funny Girl
Hello Dolly
Las Vegas
The series Planet of the Apes
Mutiny of the Bounty
Tora Tora Tora
Fantastic Voyage
Alice's Restaurant
The Man Who Came from the Kremlin
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Mary Poppins
The Sword in the Stone
A Mad, Mad Car
TV Serials: Bonanza, Star Trek

Set detail of New York (early 19th
century) for the film "Hello Dolly"
20th Century Fox Studios - Hollywood

Cinematographical scenic set
Universal Studios - Hollywood

Since 1964 Gino Pellegrini was in art exhibitions and museums, (Santa Barbara, Pasadena and the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles).
In 1972 he moved back to Italy, settling in Bologna, and devoted himself to artistic research till 1980. He worked in video, advertising and in the stage design.
At the beginning of '80 Gino Pellegrini put set design besides art. His task is in the field of the creative documentary.
In 1983 he set up the first version of the "Deceptive Square", as set for the comic movie review entitled "Movies, people, imagination and a square".
About 1990 his artistic production look at themes and ideas of the world of nature. One of the most representative example is the last setting trompe l'oeil located in Via Betlemme at San Giovanni Persiceto.
In 1996 he completed the new setting of the Deceptive Square, the third from the beginning of the work.
Gino Pellegrini moved recently from S. Agata Bolognese to Monte San Pietro; he is the leader of DECOR snc, a professional firm specialized in art direction, scenography, design and ichonographical research..

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